Residential Directory for St. Nicholas village, Vale of Glamorgan
- includes Trehill, Dyffryn and The Downs.

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Appletree Cottage, Dyffryn
Arawylean, Old Rectory Drive, Trehill 
Ash Tree House, 5-mile Lane 
Ashdene, Trehill 
Beech House, Well Lane 
Beeches (The), Cowbridge Road 
Beili Mawr, Dyffryn
Benacre, Cardiff Road 
Blackland Farm, 5-mile Lane 
Blacksmiths House, Cowbridge Road 
Blacksmiths Row, Cowbridge Road 
Breach (The), Cowbridge Road 
Brink House, Grant's Field, Downs 
Broadway, Cardiff Road 
Brynlea Hay, Grant's Field, Downs 
Caia (the), St. Georges Lane 
Caia House, St. Georges Lane 
Cedar Park, Cardiff Road 
Channel View, Grant's Field, Downs 
Charnwood, Trehill 
Chenu, The Ln, Downs 
Cherry Trees, 4 Broadway Green
Cherry Tree Cottage, Brook Lane 
Chonji, The Ln, Downs 
Chest Nut House, Mawsons Mead 
Church Hall House, Cowbridge Road
Church Rise, Well Lane 
Cilmeri , Grant's Field, downs
Church Row, School Lane 
Coach House (The), Cardiff Road 
Cottage (The), The Ln, Downs 
Conifers, Old Rectory Drive, Trehill 
Cottrell Lodge, Cowbridge Road  
The Court, Cowbridge Road 
Croft (The) 
Croft (The), Grant's Field, Downs 
Disgwylfa, Grant's Field, Downs
Doghill Farm, Dyffryn 
Downsend, Downs 
Dyffryn Lodge, Duffryn Lane 
East Cottage, St Georges Lane 
East Lea, Cardiff Road 
East Lodge, Dyffryn
Emmaville, Cardiff Road 
Fairmead Lodge, Cardiff Road 
Fairwinds, Grant's Field, Downs 
Fernley, Well Lane 
Forge Cottage, Cowbridge Road 
Garth (The), Cardiff Road 
Gates End House, Trehill 
Glanmore, Grant's Field, Downs 
Grants Field , The Downs
Green Meadow, Cardiff Road 
Haelfaes Barn, St Georges Lane 
Haelfaes Farm, St Georges Lane 
Hafod, Cardiff Road
Hamston-Fawr, Dyffryn
Han Cottages, The Ln, Downs
Hellas, School Lane 
Hen Felin, Dyffryn
Hengoed House, St Georges Lane 
Highdene, Cardiff Road 
Hill Side, Tumble Hill 
Holly House, Duffryn Lane 
Home Farm, Dyffryn
Home Farm Bungalows, Dyffryn
Homri Barn, Well Lane
Homri Farm, Well Lane
Jalna, Old Rectory Drive, Trehill 
Kingfauns, Cardiff Road
Kingfisher Hall, Cowbridge Road 
Kingsland, Peterston-Super-Ely 
Knottsberry, Old Rectory Drive, Trehill 
Laburnum House, Duffryn Lane 
Laurence Lodge, Duffryn Lane 
Lidmore, Dyffryn
Lidmore Barns, Dyffryn
Lidmore Mill, Dyffryn
Little Hamston, Dyffryn
Little Hamston Farm, Dyffryn
LIan-Yr-Afon, Well Lane
Llaneinydd, School Lane
Llys Pencae, Broadway Green
Los Andes, Cardiff Road 
Maes-Yr-Awel, grant's Field, Downs 
Magnolia House (Sunnyside). Duffryn Lane 
Manderley, 3 Broadway Green
Manor (The), Cardiff Road
Manor House, Duffryn Lane
Melden Lodge, The LN, Downs 
Merrick Cottages, School Lane
Meyrick House, Well Lane
Milford, Cardiff Road
Mink Hollow, Cardiff Road
Mwndan, The Green 
Nant Bran Cottage, Dyffryn
Nant Bran Farm, Dyffryn
North Lodge, Coedarhydyglyn Estate
Nywood, Cowbridge Road
Old Coedarhydygly, St Georges Lane 
Old Hedges, Trehill 
Old Manse (The), Chapel Lane, Trehill 
Old Police Station (The), Cardiff Road
Old Post Office (The), Cowbridge Road
Orchard (The), Cowbridge Road 
Orchard Cottage, School Lane
Oxendon, Old Rectory Drive, Trehill
Penny School Cottage
Penrhiw, Grant's Field, Downs
Pheasant Rise, Cardiff Road
Pickel House, Cowbridge Road 
Plas-Y-Bryn, The Ln, Downs
Pound (The), Duffryn Lane
Pound Cottage, Duffryn Lane
Pwll Sarn, School Lane
Redwood House, Well Lane 
St Alma, The Ln, Downs
St Nicholas House, Cowbridge Road
Sarn Bach, School Lane
Shaldra, School Lane
Siroccos, Grant's Field, Downs
South LodgeCoedarhydyglyn Estate
Southway, Well Lane 
Spinney (The), Brook Lane 
Stone House, Dyffryn
Summer House (The), Grant's Field, Downs 
Swallow Barns, Dyffryn
Swallows Rest, Dyffryn
Swyn Y Coed, School Lane
Sycamore (The), Cardiff Road
Tarquin, Trehill
Three Tuns (The), Cardiff Road 
Tinkinswood Farmhouse, Duffryn Lane
Tramarth, Grant's Field, Downs
Tree Hill Cottages, Cowbridge Road
Tregwynt, School Lane
Trehill, Trehill
Trehill Farm House, Cowbridge Road, Trehill
Trehill House, Cowbridge Road, Trehill
Trehill Lodge, Trehill
Treoda, Dyffryn
Tua’r Gaen, School Lane 
Tuns Cottage, Cardiff Road
Twyn Bach, School Lane 
Ty Benfo, Grant's Field, Downs 
Ty Wallace, Dyffryn
Tychwith Farm, Grant's Field, Downs
Tychwyth, Grants Field, Downs
Ty Mynydd, Grant's Field, Downs
Tymynydd Ochaf, Grant's Field, Downs
Ty Nant, 5-mile Lane
Ty Gof, Cowbridge Road
Ty Rhos, Grant's Field, Downs
Wayside, Dyffryn
Well House, Dyffryn 
Westways, The Green
Westwinds, Old Rectory Drive, Trehill
White Gables, School Lane
Willow Tree House, behind Grant's Field, Downs
Y Bwthyn, Grant's Field, Downs
Yew Tree Cottage, The Ln, Downs 
Ysgubor Bran, Dyffryn