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  • 37 extra places will be required at St Nicholas CIW School - there is currently no spare capacity
  • 9 extra children will require nursery.  There is no nursery at St Nicholas so will travel to Peterston School.  Parents in St Nicholas choosing Peterston School over St Nicholas for primary education due to lack of Nursery in St Nicholas
  • Extra class of 30 pupils proposed to deal with extra demand, with children from Cardiff refused entrance over a period of time
  • Need for extra building for additional class - not covered in the LDP.
  • Increased costs to council of providing school transport when children can't attend local school

3. Education Facilities and the Local Development Plan (LDP)  
3.1 To plan for the future of education facilities in the Vale of Glamorgan, the LDP will need to:  
•  Identify whether adequate capacity will be available to meet future demands generated as a result of new development; 
•  Identify land required to meet the requirements for new / extended school provision; and 
•  Ensure new / extended educational facilities can be readily and economically delivered to meet the needs arising from new development. 

4. Population Projections and Demand for Educational Facilities 
4.2  Pupil  numbers  generated  by  new  housing  developments  are  based  on  the following  calculation 
derived from census data of households in the Vale of Glamorgan: 
•  Pre-school (Nursery)  
•  Primary                           
•  Secondary (11 to 16 yrs)    
•  Secondary (Post 16 yrs) 
No of dwellings x 0.1 
No of dwellings x 0.278 
No of dwellings x 0.208 
No of dwellings x 0.04 

4.6 Where the new pupils generated cannot be met by available spare capacity within existing local schools, additional school places need to be provided. It should be noted that existing spare capacity should not automatically be taken into account, particularly where it is likely to be taken up by other development  already  granted  planning  permission,  where  works  are  required  to  make  the  existing school accommodation fit for purpose, or where the capacity is due to be removed as accommodation is life-expired. 

5.7 the following schools will need to be extended or improved as a direct result of new housing and associated population growth during the plan period:  

6.2 In particular the following schools have been identified as being likely to require expansion to cope with additional demand but for the reasons above have not been included in proposals to extend to the full  extent  of  demand  generated.  Appropriate  alternative  provision  will  be  made through  extending alternative schools, providing new schools and managing admissions to maximise the effective use of current surplus capacity.  
•  Cowbridge Comprehensive (extend school by 1 form only) 

8. Delivery Mechanisms  
8.1 Historically the Vale of Glamorgan Council has used planning obligations within Section 106 legal agreements to secure either financial contributions for educational facilities or actual provision of land or schools on large development sites. 

8.3 The Council is working towards introducing a Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) for its area to deliver strategic infrastructure improvements to support the development of the area in accordance with the Local Development Plan (LDP). 

Of the 53 children living in the St Nicholas catchment area, only 45.28% attend St Nicholas, 32.08% study at other English Medium schools, whilst 22.64% study at Welsh language schools.  St. Nicholas school lacks a nursery, so parents opt to keep their child at the school where they attended nursery.

9 extra nursery places could be created by the LDP, with no provision for nursery education at St Nicholas School.

 School Capacity  126
 Admission number   18
 NOR January PLASC 2013  124
 Surplus Capacity January 2013       2
 % of total capacity unfilled Jan 2013  1.59%
 MCSW Capacity of school Jan 2018  126
 Projected NOR Jan 2018  133
 Surplus Capacity 2018  0

No. of pupil places from ITV LDP site  7
No. of pupil places from Port Road Wenvoe LDP Site  4
No. of pupil places from Windfall developments in Barry Cluster area  2
No. of pupil places from Land to the East of Bonvilston development 10
No. of pupil places from Land to the East of St. Nicholas development  9
No. of pupil places from windfall developments  5
No. of pupil places generated by all developments 2011-2026  37
No. of pupil places required and not met through existing capacity  37

Source: this data come from adding the two tables from the document "Education Facilities" (Pages 23 and 24).  The VoG document has broken this table into two, and has as a result not given the correct total for increased capacity.

Appendix C - Impact of New Housing Development on Schools in the Vale of Glamorgan

Primary and Secondary Schools 
For Primary Schools spare capacity has been analysed at 2018 based on pupil projections, Numbers on Role and proportional splits (as shown at Appendix B). For Secondary Schools, spare capacity has been analysed at 2025 based on projections over longer forecasts due to available information on primary school numbers on role and proportional splits. The sites have been listed in order of phasing to prioritise school places for those housing developments that are likely to be delivered first and the overall conclusions are based on a ‘whole picture’ analysis at the end of the plan period 2026. If development sites come forward earlier analysis of the specific need for school places arising from it will need to be undertaken at that time as part of the planning application.  
English = English Medium Education Facility 
Welsh = Welsh Medium Education Facility 
CIW = Church in Wales Denominational Education Facility 
RC = Roman Catholic Denominational Education Facility 
SEN = Special Educational Needs Educational Facility 

taxi to St Nicholas required at cost of £30 per day £28,500 for 5 years. 

C/W taxi required at cost of approx £35 per day, £33250 for 5 years 

Bonvilston:  Need EM provision (10 places) no provision if St Nicholas accommodates, but if not, approx £100 per day for minibus £95000 for 5 years 
St Nicholas:  Need EM provision (9 places) no provision required if school accommodates, but else minibus required at approx £100 per day £95000 for 5 years 

See total below No provision to EM Taxi to WM 6.4 miles approx £40 per day £38,000 for 5 years.  
No provision for C/W 

Llancarfan:  Taxi to St Nicholas for C/W approx 5 miles approx £30 per day £28,500 for 5 years

Peterston-Super-Ely Primary  Additional pupil places required from LDP housing growth  Extend school to increase capacity from 171 to 210 places on existing site (+33 Capacity). 

page 71
School Additional pupil places required from LDP housing growth 
Action required to meet additional demand  for pupil places 

St. Nicholas Primary  37 
Extend school to increase capacity from by 1 class i.e. 30 places on existing site (-7 Capacity), additional demand can be met through admissions arrangements. 

page 74
St. Nicholas  9 
Additional demand can be met at Peterstone School through expansion (Note: Councils spelling of Peterston)

6.46  Community facilities  such  as  community halls, libraries, schools and leisure centres are essential to the social and physical wellbeing of residents and are key components in  maintaining  the  vitality  and  viability of community life in both urban and rural settlements. 

6.49.  Policy MG 7 also promotes the development of multi-use community facilities that offer a range of accessible community based services such as leisure, health care, education community meeting space and other  essential community  services. Such facilities can assist in reducing travel demand, promote sustainable communities, and facilitate in the effective delivery of community facilities by a number of organisations. In this regard, the Plan will also favour development of multi-use facilities on the sites identified in Policy MG 7, in association with educational proposals identified  in  Policy  MG  6,  and planning proposals  that  improve  the  viability, accessibility or community value of existing services and facilities such as village shops, post offices, rural petrol stations, village & church halls and rural public houses.