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Community Facilities

  • The Cory Education Centre in Dyffryn Gardens is listed in the LDP Deposit as a facility for the village of St Nicholas and Wenvoe Ward.
  • The distance from Button Ride, iff Duffryn Lane, to the Cory Education Centre is approximately 1.5 km. This is further than the 1.4 km standard walking distance for a rural area.  
  • The Cory Education Centre is not shown on the community halls map, but the St Nicholas Church Hall is.
  • There is a shortage of sports hall space in the Vale of Glamorgan

Planning Policy Wales (PPW) (Edition 5, November 2012, Para 2.4.4) states that “LDPs should  take  account  of  social  considerations  relevant  to  land  use  issues,  such  as  the relationship of planning policies and proposals to social needs”.  It continues that LDPs should make provision for (amongst other things) community facilities. 

The Vale of Glamorgan Community Strategy (2011-21) sets a vision and priorities for the Vale. The Strategy Vision recognises the importance of allowing local groups to and individual to participate within their community “…where there is a strong sense of community in which local groups and individuals have the capacity and incentive to make an effective contribution to the future sustainability of the area”.

 The term “community buildings” can apply to an array of buildings which offer access to the public  for  community  meeting  space. 

The  following  set  of delivery  standards  for  community  buildings  have  been  adopted  to  identify  existing  levels  of provision  and  to  calculate  the  additional  requirement  generated  by  new  planned  housing growth:  
•  Catchment Population – 1 Community Building Per 4,000 population 
•  Community Building Size 700 sq.m  
•  Standard of Community Building space per person (700/4000) = 0.17 sq. m 
•  Accessibility Standard Walking Distances –  Urban Areas = 720m / Rural Areas = 

The Wenvoe Ward in 2011 had a population of 2,659, thus required 452 m2 of community space.  The Wenvoe Ward currently has 824 m2 of floor space, an excess of 372 m2.

"Within the Wenvoe Ward the 
current level of community 
space can accommodate the 
projected housing growth 
over the plan period." 

 Assessment of Existing Static Library Provision by Library Catchment Areas 

Catchment Libraries  Ward/Settlement 
(2011 census) 
Standard @ 
0.027 sq.m 
per person 
Level sq.m. 

Wenvoe Library 
Super Ely (Wards) 
4,948  64  133  -69 

-116 m2 shortage at 2026 if no extra provision

There is an existing deficiency of 
library space provision and 
additional space is required to 
accommodate the projected 
housing growth over the plan 

Ward / settlement  Name (*VoG owned)  Area sq.m (appr
Bonvilston-Bonvilston Reading Rooms  157 
St. Nicholas-*Cory Education Centre, Duffryn   320 
Wenvoe-St Mary’s Church Hall  105 
Wenvoe-Community Centre   242 
Sub Total Wenvoe Ward  824 

There is a shortage of sports halls in the Vale of Glamorgan