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Object to longer journey times

Information below is related to increased journey times by car and bus between Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan along the strategic A48 corridor.

Each proposal of the LDP Deposit needs to be commented on separately. There is no limit to the number of LDP proposals you can comment on, and every comment counts.

It is proposed in the LDP to extend the St Nicholas 30 mph speed limit eastwards towards Cardiff into an area presently controlled by the national 60 mph speed limit in order to allow a new junction to be constructed to allow access to a proposed housing development MG 2 (43) - 100 dwellings.  This will inevitably lead to longer journey times between Cardiff and Cowbridge and other settlements in the Vale of Glamorgan.

The council has said that it wants to improve bus journey times, but extending the 30 mph zone, adding an extra junction and possibly a new bus stop ( so the new development is within the stated desirable 200 metres of a bus stop, will increase bus journey times.

In the LDP, the council has identified the road at St Nicholas as "S10"/WS2, when infact, the road is a UAP3 - Urban All-purpose road with frontage access, more than two side roads per kilometre, and at-grade pedestrian crossings.  A UAP3 has significantly less capacity than a WS2 or UAP1 (which have fewer junctions).

  • Extending the St Nicholas 30 mph zone eastwards towards Cardiff will increase travel times  between Cardiff and the Vale - in conflict with the Welsh Government policy to reduce bus travel times.

  • A new junction east of St Nicholas, onto the A48, will require turning movements that may cause further delays and increased risk of collisions.

  • The A48 eastbound through St Nicholas, with it's concealed junctions and traffic signals, is at full capacity during the Peak AM.

  • The land for the proposed development is scarce and valuable Grade 2 Agricultural Land and should be developed only as a last resort.

The Wales Spatial Plan of the Welsh Government states:

General principles guiding the priorities for the South East region include: 

Stretching targets should be set for improving journey times by bus and rail between the key settlements.

To object, please send a letter, completed form or email to the Vale of Glamorgan Council, or complete their online form, before 5pm on December 20.

Email: LDP@valeofglamorgan.gov.uk

Complete this form: Representation Form

Or send a letter to:  The LDP Team, Vale of Glamorgan Council, Dock Office, Barry Docks, Barry, CF63 4RT

Reference:  MG 2 (43) - land to the east of St Nicholas

Ian Perry,
5 Dec 2013, 08:12