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Parking is a regular problem on school days in St Nicholas as parents take and fetch their children from school.  There are also problems on Sundays and whenever there is an event at the Church or Church Hall.   Whilst reducing the need to travel to St Nicholas by car has to be the priority, parking needs to be considered, with consideration to residents and the Conservation Area.

The grass verge in front of the church is a popular area for parking.  Due to the width of the road, many, in consideration of other motorists, mount the kerb and park on the grass.  This results in unsightly tyre marks and mud on the verge and inevitably a shorter lifespan for the kerbs.

Parking in this area of St Nicholas can cause problems for larger vehicles.

One possible improvement is to remove the kerb between the road and the church and add "grass pavers":

This would end the problems associated with parking on the verge and potentially improve access to the church - for example giving hearses, bridal cars, etc. more space.

Only improving access to St Nicholas by alternatives to the car will solve the parking issues in the village.

It may also be possible to restore the triangular grass island that was at the side of Church Row, at the junction close to the new school.  It's believed that this feature of the village was lost due to large modern buses, etc. needing more space on the streets around the school.  This could be a feature of the village, as well as a traffic calming measure between the two school buildings.