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LDP Deposit Site MG 2 (43) in Detail

  • MG 2 (43) is grade 2 agricultural land adjacent to the Conservation Area.
  • The site is adjacent to, but outside the UDP settlement boundary.
  • The candidate sites that created MG 2 (43) were rated as "fair" and "poor" for access.
  • The necessary upgrade of the Waste Water Treatment Works by Dwr Cymru Welsh Water cannot be funded or start before 2015, and the council has been advised that land of MG2 (43) should not be released until the second part of the LDP - 2021.  In the same period, Welsh Water will need to increase water pressure in Cowbridge for the proposed developments there.
  • Agricultural land, grades 1 and 2 are estimated to form 21% of farmland in England (Natural England)

MG 2 (43) is made up from six candidate sites.  These duplicating and overlapping candidate sites are 2379/CS1, 2378/CS1, 2425/CS1, 2766/CS1 and 1701/CS4 plus a mystery 5113/CS9 (pending information from the council).

MG 25 (10) is for 0.48 hectares of open space within the proposed development.

The information below has been obtained via email from the council (it's not available online anywhere else).

Please note, basic spelling errors in the original documents have been corrected in the text below - the council do not appear to use spell-check software, or check their figures.  The text has been taken in full from VoG council documentation - but amalgamated from different 'candidate sites' that fit into the proposal in the LDP Deposit MG 2 (43).  Please contact this site if you would like to see the original documents.  Notes are added in blue text, and the most interesting text has been highlighted in red.  
TPO = Tree Protection Order

Stage 2 - Candidate Site Assessment Details

Q11 - Is the site located within or adjacent to a Conservation Area? Yes.
Notes: Southern boundary of site adjoins St Nicholas Conservation Area boundary.

Notes: This site lies outside, but adjacent to the CA. This site was removed from the CA as a result of the survey for the recently adopted CAAMP. Impact on the CA is likely to be minimal. However, access to the site is unknown.
Impact:  Neutral/None

Q12 - Does the site have any other important features e.g. hedges, woodlands or trees?
Site 2425:    No
Site 2378:    Yes  -   Notes: TPO at E'309243. N'174448. Reference: 1972/05/A14.
Site 2379:    Yes  -   Notes: TPO at E'309243, N'174448. Reference: 1972/05/A14 (area).
Site 2532:    No
Site 2766:    Yes  -   Notes: TPO at E'309378 and N'174440. Reference: 1972/05/A14.

Section D - Physical Constraints

Q13 - Following consultation with Highways - Does the site have appropriate Vehicular Access ?
Site 1701:    Yes, it has appropriate access.
Site 2378:    No - it doesn't have suitable access or the access cannot be improved
                    Notes: TPO at E'309243. N'174448. Reference: 1972/05/A14. 
Site 2379:    No - it doesn't have suitable access or the access cannot be improved
                    Notes: TPO at E'309243, N'174448. Reference: 1972/05/A14 (area).
Site 2425:    No - it doesn't have suitable access or the access cannot be improved
Site 2532:    No - it doesn't have suitable access or the access cannot be improved
Site 2766:    Yes, it has appropriate access.
                    Notes: TPO at E'309378 and N'174440. Reference: 1972/05/A14.

Q13 (a) - Highways - Consultation Details -
Site 1701:    Fair: A safe, suitable access could easily be achieved.
Site 2378:    Notes: Poor: Significant access constraints
Site 2379:    Notes: Poor: Significant access constraints
Site 2425:    Notes: Poor: Significant access constraints
Site 2532:    Notes: Poor: Significant access constraints
Site 2766:    Notes: Fair: A safe, suitable access could easily be achieved.

Q.14 (b) - Planning History
Only candidate site 2425 shows any planning history:

Section H - Infrastructure and Deliverability

Q.15 - Are there any infrastructure capacity issues?    The site Mitigation (potential issues, may be alleviated)

Q15(a) - Infrastructure Consultations:

Dwr Cymru Welsh Water
A water supply can be provided to this site but off-site water mains are required. These can be provided by a water requisition scheme, under Sections 41 – 44 of the Water Industry Act 1991.

No problems are envisaged with the public sewerage system for domestic foul discharge from this proposed development.

The density proposed for this development will exceed the theoretical design of our St. Nicholas Waste Water Treatment Works. Our current Asset Management Plan which runs to year 2015 does not include this works. Should this allocation be included in the Adopted Plan then your Authority would need to release the land in the latter part of the Plan to allow us to include in our submission to Ofwat for funding, and once approved, the time to deliver the essential improvements.

Highways Development
The Highway Authority would advise the Local Planning Authority that no Scoping Study and Transport Assessment have been undertaken to evaluate whether the traffic / pedestrian movements generated by the development would adversely impact on the existing highway network surrounding the development which would require improvement to the Highway Network and Public Transport Facilities / ServicesFurther to a recent site inspection carried out in relation to the above LDP candidate site. The Highway Development Section would advise the Local Planning Authority that the proposed site has frontage onto two lengths of adopted highway, Ger–Y– Llan  [Note: two paragraphs below, there is no access to the adopted "highway" of Ger-Y-Llan]  to the West and the A48 on the Eastern side which are both within the existing 30 mph speed limit through the village of St Nicholas and is located approximately 300m from existing Public Transport facilities on along A48.

The proposed candidate site based on 100 units and the classification of the adjoining road (A48) with AADT (2-Way) flows in the region of 15,000 vehicles (per day) , the Highway Authority would require a require a full and comprehensive Scoping Study to be agreed with the Local Planning / Highway Authority and Transport Assessment to evaluate the affects the development will have on the surrounding Highway network associated road junction and how these may will be addressed by carrying out off site highway improvements / public transport facilities and other sustainable modes of transport like cycling and walking which will need to be addressed by any future developer.

In relation to the two possible access points linking the site and the adopted Highway.  The Highway Development Section have the following comments :- 

(1)The private driveway off Ger-y-Llan which does not form part of the adopted highway networkcurrently provides access to three large detached dwelling and access to part of the candidate site which appears to have an agricultural status at present. The highway Authority would not consider any additional development via this private access road as it does not meet the required standards for publicly maintained highway and any upgrading if achievable would require the co-operation of the existing individual landowners. The development would also create additional turning movements via the existing junctions onto the A48 which are unsuitable to cater for additional traffic flows from this candidate site in the interest of highway/public safety and the free flow of traffic along the A48 in the vicinity of the existing signalized junction with Duffryn Lane. 

(2)The second access is located on the Western edge  [Note: It's believed the council mean south-east]  of the site where it fronts on to the A48 which forms part of the adopted is an existing agricultural access incorporating an existing Public Right of Way ( footpath No. 5 ) which will need redirecting as part of any future development.

The Planning Authority are advised that current location and configuration of the existing access would not be suitable to serve a development of 50 dwellings. However, the highway Authority would consider a new access along the site frontage with the A48, the precise location and any off-site improvements to the highway network shall reserved as part of a Planning Application. The Highway Authority would inform the Local Planning Authority in addition to the usual access requirements and improvements Public Transport Facilities and other sustainable forms of transport such as cycling and walking. A development of this nature and the AADT ( 2 Way ) flows in the in the region of 15,000 vehicles per day along the A48 and the close proximity of the site to the existing 30 / 60 mph Gateway into the village, the Highway Authority would advise that is it is likely that any subsequent Planning application would require the existing gateway feature moved further East and the proposed point of access based vehicular flows along the A48 require a major Minor Access incorporating Ghost Island based conforming to the requirements set out in the Design Manual for Roads and Bridges , TD 42 / 95 – Geometric Design of Major / Minor Priority Junctions. The Ghost Island  will require localized widening of the carriageway to form a Ghost island ( 3.5m wide right turning holding Lane ) incorporating a safe pedestrian / cycle friendly central crossing Island with 0.5m wide buffer zones on either side of the carriageway while maintaining minimum carriageway width of 3.65m ( + 0.5m buffer zone )  [NOTE: this conflicts with the DfT's Manual for Streets]  in both directions along the A48 in the interest of highway / public safety.

Drainage Engineer 
There is no watercourse available for the discharge of surface water within the immediate vicinity of the site. The consideration for surface water disposal and management will therefore have to be assessed.   

Any prospective developer should, in the first instance, investigate the suitability of the use of soakaways for the disposal of surface water run-off.  The developer should ensure that an assessment is carried out into the potential for disposing of the surface water by means of a sustainable drainage system.

On line of Roman road, that is likely to have been a focus for settlement. On outskirts of likely medieval settlement area. Archaeological evaluation will be required prior to any positive determination of planning applications. Area can be allocated in LDP with proviso that certain parts may need to be retained as open space in order to protect archaeological features.

Section I - Community Benefits
Q.16 -  Are there any potential benefits to the local community associated with the development?    Yes

Q.16 Notes:  
No notes or details of the benefits.

Section J - Site Deliverability
Q.17 - Is the site capable of being developed during the LDP period?    Yes, site constraints can be mitigated

Q.17 Notes:  Also see candidate sites 2379/CS1, 2378/CS1, 2425/CS1, 2766/CS1 and 1701/CS4 (same / overlapping site boundaries).

Section K - Site Appraisal Summary
Summary Notes:  Site is closely related to a settlement identified with the LDP Settlement hierarchy and is therefore is in keeping with the LDP 
Spatial Strategy. Residential development provides an opportunity to provide for a range and mix of dwelling types and to reinforce the settlements role within the LDP.