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Elected representatives allowances published

posted 29 May 2014, 07:27 by Ian Perry   [ updated 29 May 2014, 07:30 ]
The Vale of Glamorgan Council have published details of elected members' allowances (earnings and expenses) for their roles.

His role as Chair of the Vale Council's Scrutiny Committee, makes St Nicholas Councillor, J. Bird, one of the top earners amongst elected representatives.

Basic salary: £1,593.75
Basic Senior / Civic Salary: £19,259.56
Total: £20,853.31 

From the councils website:
"Scrutiny is a key part of the Council's political structure and plays an important role in ensuring that the Council's services are delivered effectively, efficiently and in the interests of residents and those who work or visit the Vale of Glamorgan.
Scrutiny Committees are made up from Councillors who are not on the Cabinet. These Committees are able to influence decisions that are taken by the Cabinet and to ensure that the views and needs of the community are taken into account."