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Community Council to go online?

posted 10 Jun 2014, 07:30 by Ian Perry   [ updated 10 Jun 2014, 07:32 ]
Town and community councils in Wales, are to be given a “statutory duty” to put far more information  on the internet than they do at the moment.
St Nicholas and Bonvilston Community currently have no online presence, having refused to make their minutes available to this website.

The Local Government (Democracy) Wales Act 2013 requires our Community Council to make available electronically 
    (a) information on how to contact it and, if different, its clerk including —
            (i) a telephone number; 
            (ii) a postal address; 
            (iii) an email address;
    (b) information about each of its members, including —
            (i) the member’s name; 
            (ii) how the member may be contacted; 
            (iii) the member’s party affiliation (if any); 
            (iv) the ward which the member represents (where relevant); 
            (v) any office of the council held by the member; 
            (vi) any committee of the council to which the member belongs; 

    (c) the minutes of the proceedings of the council’s meetings and (in so far as is reasonably practicable) any documents which are referred to in the minutes;

    (d) any audited statement of the council’s accounts.

The 2013 Act also states that:
    "A public notice given by a community council must, in addition to the requirements imposed by subsection (1), be published electronically.”