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Controversial Fracking Application in St. Nicholas

posted 29 Apr 2013, 08:53 by Ian Perry   [ updated 29 Apr 2013, 09:05 ]
A planning application for a test drilling for fracking in St Nicholas, which has been linked to small Earthquakes in places like Blackpool, has been submitted to the Vale of Glamorgan Council.  Last year, the UK Government gave the go-ahead for fracking in Wales, despite being banned in France, and facing opposition worldwide. 

A study found that it was "highly probable" that shale gas test drilling triggered earth tremors in Blackpool, Lancashire.  [report]

There are global environmental concerns over fracking, plus communities living close to fracking sites have reported problems with their health and water.  The process of fracking and the burning of the fuel itself releases greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.

Fracking utilises a mixture of water, sand and chemicals pumped underground at high pressure to crack open sedimentary rocks and release the fuels within. The Vale of Glamorgan's tap water mostly comes from the ground, so this fracking risks the contamination of our water.  The risks are "unknown".

Scientists recently concluded that whilst small earthquakes were a risk, the integrity of well bores drilled for fracking is of much greater concern. [BBC]

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