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LDP Update

posted 5 Oct 2012, 09:38 by Ian Perry

The Vale of Glamorgan is keen to move forwards with its Local Development Plan, albeit with some "refinement".  The council does not wish to start the LDP plan process again.  Some councillors want changes made to the LDP based on pledges made at May's elections.

Below is a copy of meeting notes notes from the meeting on 6th August 2012  between John Griffiths AM, Minister for Environment & Sustainable Development/Jane Hutt AM, Minister Finance & Leader of the House/WG officials/VOG officials, to discuss the Deposit LDP.

It's unclear if the proposal for a large residential development to the east of St. Nicholas will be "refined" or removed.
Meanwhile, Vale MP Alun Cairns has met with worried constituents in Wenvoe who have expressed their anger at plans recently submitted to construct 150 homes next to the village.  Redrow Homes have submitted an outline planning application to build the 150 new homes on a green-field site, which will be in addition to the 220 houses to be built on the HTV site at Culverhouse Cross.

Ministerial Meeting

Vale of Glamorgan Local Development Plan (LDP)

6th August 2012




John Griffiths AM, Minister Environment and Sustainable Development

Jane Hutt AM, Minister Finance and Leader of the House

Anna McMorrin, Special Advisor

Rosemary Thomas, Chief Planner, Deputy Director

Mark Newey, Head of Plans Branch, Planning

Cllr. Neil Moore, Executive Leader of Vale of Glamorgan Council

Cllr. Liz Burnett, Cabinet Member, Vale of Glamorgan Council



The Vale of Glamorgan published their Deposit LDP in February 2012 which was then subject to the statutory public consultation period. The Welsh Government (WG) made representations, although there was nothing substantive. Officials considered this plan to be one of the better written plans to emerge to date, responding positively to the latest WG household projections, focusing growth generally around the Barry/Penarth urban areas and identifying a gypsy & traveller site to meet identified needs.



Following the recent local elections in May, there has been a change in the political make-up at the council. It would appear that the new administration has specific issues regarding certain aspects of the plan, linked to pledges made during the recent elections. There appears to be a desire to make changes to the plan. Whilst not wholesale, the issue is whether the ‘Focused Changes’ stage in the plan preparation can accommodate such changes.


Note of Meeting

The Council had concerns over specific sites in the plan and what opportunity there was to make amendments. Reference was also made to the rail spur and deliverability, air quality issues and sustainable transport corridors. There was no desire to start the LDP plan process again; rather the issue was refinement of the current plan. The key was could the changes they were considering be accommodated by the process? The Council were keen to move forward.


The Minister outlined Welsh Government policy and expectations. Officials outlined the scope of ‘Focused Changes’ and the need to consider the implications. Robust evidence was also required to make such changes. This was crucial. Any changes should not go to the heart of the plan, be so significant as to change the plan, or contradict existing evidence. Reflecting on WG representations may also assist making changes. In principle, from what was outlined, there appeared to be a way forward. Officials would continue liaison with Council officers to ensure this is the case.




Officials met officers from the Council prior to this meeting (1st August 2012) to discuss the scope of ‘Focused Changes’.