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Olympic Cyclist on the A48

posted 8 Aug 2012, 17:30 by Ian Perry   [ updated 9 Aug 2012, 03:54 ]
With Team GB doing so well at 2012, this weeks court case around the incident involving Beijing Paralympics 2008 Gold Medal Winner Simon Richardson on the A48 where he received severe injuries is another reminder of the danger of the A48 that cuts through and dominates St. Nicholas.  The driver involved had been drinking and had eyesight considered too poor for safe driving. 

Cycling club Cardiff Ajax use St. Nicholas as a base for a weekly ten mile time trial and in recent years there has been a steady increase in the numbers of cyclists on the A48, cycling for leisure, sport, fitness and as a means of transport to reach their destinations - and the same is true of pedestrians.

The wide road that passes through St. Nicholas is the legacy of 1930's road widening, which resulted in three lanes of traffic passing through much of the village until the road was repainted with a single white line down the middle.  The wide road
(4 metres wider in places than the Department of Transport recommends for an urban/residential location) lures drivers into a false sense of safety and encourages speeds higher than those that are appropriate for a village.

Two years ago, two men died in Bonvilston when the van they were travelling in hit a families home at speed.

Richardson will miss the London 2012 Paralympics due to the fractures to the spine, a broken pelvis, a broken breast bone, cuts to his legs, and a "detached" lung" he received in the incident.  He had been considered "a very top contender" for the Games.