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Public Meeting on new Traffic Signals held in Bonvilston

posted 18 Apr 2013, 09:02 by Ian Perry
Although not advertised or opened to residents of St. Nicholas, a meeting took place in Bonvilston last Friday concerning the traffic signals at Sycamore Cross.

Afterwards Councillor Bird said:

“The great turn-out at the public meeting in Bonvilston proved to me how unhappy local residents are with the whole scheme at the Sycamore Cross junction. The whole job has been a debacle from start to finish.

“I was disappointed that the Vale Cabinet Member with responsibility for this whole scheme wasn't present for the start of the new traffic management system and of course was unable to attend our community meeting to listen and help address residents’ concerns.”

Mr Cairns had earlier said:

“From attending the community meeting, it’s clear to me that many residents from Bonvilston and surrounding villages are really unhappy with the traffic management changes implemented at the A48 Sycamore Cross junction.

“The public meeting called by local Councillors Jonathan Bird and Rhodri Traherne addressed the key causes of concern, namely issues with the number, size and location of new signage, the timing of the traffic lights themselves, the lack of need for two-heights of traffic lights and further issues for the main properties close to the junction itself.

“All these issues will be pursued with the Vale Council – the current situation at Sycamore Cross is just not acceptable for a rural road. The £1.2m spent for the so called ‘improvement’ of the junction is ludicrous. It’s an ‘improvement’ that residents and drivers are struggling to see or benefit from.”

Councillor Jonathan Bird and Alun Cairns pictures at Sycamore Cross

Councillor Rob Curtis, whose responsibilities include this junction, is apparently on a 3-month holiday.