Pitching Pole

Charles F. Shepherd, is author of the book, St Nicholas, on p. 10 of which is  mentioned  a  hay-loader,  known  locally  as  a  pikel,  invented  and  patented  by  Yorath  and Wright  in  St  Nicholas.

 Llancarfan Society - Newsletter 104, June 2001 

Pitching Pole IV: Glamorgan County History Volume VI p. 230 

On  9  June  1870  William  Twaits  Wright,  in  conjunction  with  Evan  Yorath,  a  farmer  from Moulton, deposited a provisional specification for the 'Invention  of  Improved  Apparatus or Machinery  for  lifting...  loading....unloading  hay,  corn,  straw  and  other  materials  and  the patent was granted on 26 November of that year. This implement continued to be marketed under the names of Wright and Yorath, but in 1868 Henry Yorath (the son) of Moulton near Penmark,  applied  for  letters  patent  for  improvements  to  the  original  patent.  Henry  Yorath exhibited  the  improved  machinery  at  the  Cardiff  Show  of  1872  and  at  Preston  in  1885. However, shortly afterwards, Yorath went into partnership with Charles Grieves and traded, as Yorath, Grieves & Co. (Hay Elevators). Henry Yorath died in May 1891, but the company continued  in  business  and  in  1906  had  agencies  for  retailing  farm  machinery  at  17  Quay Street, Cardiff, and at Ely, Cardiff. 

[Ed. 1. There seems to be a discrepancy in dates in the G. C. History - the 1868 improvement predated the original patent!? The memory from Teddy Church's grandmother perhaps makes the name "John of Moulton" older than 1870. 2. Was Charles Shepherd being partisan when he attributed the invention to St Nicholas? Evan and Henry  Yorath  certainly  lived  in  Moulton  (Electoral  Registers).  Did  Wright  come  from St Nicholas? 3. Curiosity asks whether the well-known TV broadcaster, Gabby Yorath, daughter of Terry, is a descendent?]