(usually Friday in St. Nicholas) the Vale of Glamorgan Council collects paper, glass, cans, cardboard and plastics from your home: just mix (co-mingle) ALL items in one container. 

EVERY WEEK the council will collect your food waste.

Collection Calendar:
  Month Alternate Fridays for 
 Black Bag 
 Garden "waste"
 August/Awst 2012 10 & 24  3,17 & 31 
 September/Medi  7 & 21  14 & 28 
 October/Hydref  5 & 19  12 & 26 
 November/Tachwedd  2,16 & 30 9 & 23 
 December/Rhagfyr  14 & 30  Ring & Request Cais am Gasgliad: 
 3/12/12 22/3/13 
 TeI/Ffôn:  01446 700111 

Remember, "recycling" requires an unsustainable amount of oil/diesel to be used by the council and their contractors.  
Please compost at home and leave as much packaging with retailers as possible.

Examples of what can be recycled: 

  • Paper: Newspapers, magazines, telephone directories, brochures and junk mail

  • Glass: Clean jars and bottles eg sauce, jam, beer and wine bottles

  • Cans: Clean food and drink cans eg baked beans, soft drinks (wash and squash)

  • Clean plastics only, e.g. pop, milk, water, shampoo, detergent), please squash.

  • All clean food containers (eg butter, yoghurt pots, ready meals, fruit punnets).

  • Cardboard: must be flattened and any packaging must be removed.

  • Garden waste : Grass / Hedge cuttings,  Prunings, leaves, plants and flowers and Non-invasive weeds

  • Aerosols: they must be empty but may include furniture polish, hair spray and deodrants

  • Cartons: such as fruit juice, milkshakes and fruit, please rinse them

  • Clean foil: please remove all traces of food and chemicals before adding them to your container

Place in either disposable biodegradable sacks or new re-usable fabric bags; both can be bought from council offices. (Biodegradable 3 for £1 / re-usable £1 each). Bags will be collected once every 2 weeks on the same day as plastic/cardboard.



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